Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How To Get Great Womens Fitness

As a woman your exercise program includes a variety of different needs than a male counterpart would be looking for. You will want to loose excess body fat, tone, and build curves so that you look your best. Read on to discover how to get great womens fitness.

When it comes to womens fitness women will usually head to the treadmill, step master, or multi exercise machines for their workout as well as a few other machines. But women commonly walk right past the free weights.

You’ve probably seen those infomercials that claim that in just 4 weeks you can have that toned curvy body? They tell you that your curve fitness can be purchased with their womens fitness equipment for just a few thousand dollars and you’ll even get a training video. You can exercise the entire body and never change machines.

Five minutes more and they’ve got you sold on giving up that gym membership and putting your trust in the new miracle womens fitness machine. Heck in just a couple of years it will be paid off and those curves are worth every nickel.

What would you say if I told you could do just that for under a hundred dollars you could have all those curves and you would not have to have a room for all that womens fitness equipment. What would you say if I told you that a set of free weights for your workout is all that you need to get those sexy curves every women dreams of?

One of the biggest problems with those fancy womens fitness machines is that on top of the huge price tag they are also very complicated. They are difficult to set up and configure, the instructions are next to impossible to understand, and contrary to what the infomercial says it is hard to get those curves.

For womens fitness and to get those curves you don’t have to spend crazy amounts of the money and you sure don’t need to get complicated. With a proper workout with your free weights you can get those beautiful curves. And the great thing about free weights is that you can mix it up a little by changing routines any time you like.

Free weights are one of several very affordable ways to get those curves with a womens fitness program. There are other options. Pilates is has become very popular and it takes up no space and what an easy way to get those curves by using resistance.

For womens fitness that entails toning those abs you are working on the hardest area of the body to get into shape but never give up because you can do it with real determination and you don’t need any equipment to do it.

As we get older those extra calories tend to land on our stomach and mid section and putting it on is much easier than taking it off but the right womens fitness will make it a whole lot easier.

Now that you know how to get greats curve with your womens fitness program and on a budget and without having to learn complex equipment what are you waiting for?

By: Kelly Johnson

Womens Lingerie

Women’s lingerie is an important part of every woman’s wardrobe. Since it is an intimate piece of clothing, the design and manufacture of women’s lingerie is done with lots of care and designing. Sometimes so much thought and care is put in women’s lingerie that it proves to be difficult to make the right choice on the women’s lingerie.

Women’s’ lingerie is made from numerous materials like silk, nylon and chiffon which are available in numerous styles and sizes. It is possible to buy women’s lingerie both from departmental and lingerie stores and also through the many online lingerie stores of the internet. Today many women prefer to do their shopping for women’s lingerie through the internet as there is no need of traveling to the store for shopping.

Moreover, there is no chance of getting embarrassed for buying women’s lingerie, if it is bought via the internet. When buying from the internet, it is possible to choose different styles of lingerie, view them on the website, and then decide on the best women’s lingerie to be bought.

Once the order for the women’s lingerie is placed, the retailers ship them in simple boxes to your home, to avoid the prying eyes of curious neighbors and family members.

When buying women’s lingerie, it is always better to buy them from the more reputed retailers. This is because the rates will be more reasonable here and they offer size charts that can be used as a guide when buying women’s lingerie. There are some women’s lingerie items found in a standard size to fit anybody.

Today women find leather lingerie to be a very popular type of women’s lingerie. Of course, there are also the many lace and satin lingerie for you to choose from when buying your women’s lingerie. When buying women’s lingerie, it is better to experiment with the various styles and textures of women’s lingerie available in the market by buying them from the wholesale and discount retailers at discounted rates. With this, it is possible for a woman to buy some women’s lingerie in different designs, and affordable rates.

The different types of women’s lingerie that are available today are the numerous corsets, brassieres, panties, thongs, pantyhose, stockings and teddy. Unseated of buying the same type of women’s lingerie all the time, it proves to be interesting and more exciting to try the different types of lingerie when buying women’s lingerie. After all, variety is the spice of life!

By: Jack Stephan

Womens Vitamins

Womens vitamins come in many different formulas. There are multi vitamins that have all minerals and supplements as well as individual supplements. Womens vitamins vary. There are some for active women, pregnant women and menopausal women.

It is estimated that only about seven percent of American women get the daily supplements they need in their diet. Many of us are so busy juggling jobs, children and activities that it is often difficult to find time to consume the correct foods. More and more Americans are eating unhealthy diets that consist of fast foods that provide little nutritional value.

Womens vitamins for an active woman who does not need a supplement can be found on the shelves of many different drugstores. They can be a generic brand or a nationally known brand. Some are with iron, some without. Different womens vitamins have different percentages of value in supplements.

For example, womens vitamins for an active woman that come in as a multivitamin will probably contain Vitamin A. Vitamin A has many benefits and is especially good for eyesight. Vitamin A can usually be found in dark orange produce, such as carrots. Womens vitamins that contain Vitamin A may give 50 percent of the daily recommended dosage of this vitamin.

Vitamin C is also found in multivitamin supplements for women In most cases, 60 mgs of vitamin C will be found in these womens vitamins which is 100 percent of the daily recommended amount. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and does wonders to ward off colds and is even known to prevent cancer.

Vitamin D is used to promote strong bones and teeth and most multi womens vitamins will contain 100 percent of the daily recommended allowance for Vitamin D. Because women need to also be concerned about osteoporosis, most active womens vitamins will also have a percentage of calcium added in with the multivitamin.

Iron is also important in womens vitamins. Women tend to need more iron than men. Most womens vitamins that come as multivitamin supplements contain iron. For active women, the percentage of iron in the multivitamin will usually be 100 percent of the daily recommended dosage.

Zinc is also a valuable supplement and necessary for the body. Womens vitamins usually contain zinc to some degree. A good multivitamin for women will give 100 percent of the daily recommended allowance for zinc.

Other womens vitamins that are usually included in multivitamins for women include Vitamin B1, Thiamine. This is used to fight off so many different diseases and is one of the most essential of the B vitamins. It is found in many fresh foods, but if you do not get enough fresh foods, you will not be getting this daily recommended dosage, which is why womens vitamins often give 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance of Thiamine.

Vitamin B2 is also found in womens vitamins when in multivitamin form and usually contain 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance. Vitamin B2, or Riboflavin, is used to treat anemia and promote healing.

Niacin is also included in womens vitamins. Niacin, or Vitamin B3, is used to control cholesterol. For women with good cholesterol, 50 percent of the daily recommended dosage is sufficient. Those with high cholesterol should speak to their doctor about a supplement.

Womens vitamins also contain Vitamin B6, or Pryidoxine. This helps to convert the protein, carbohydrates and fats into energy. An active woman will want to have 100 percent of the daily recommended dosage in her multivitamin when it comes to vitamin B6.

Folic Acid is essential for women who are about to become pregnant to prevent birth defects. It is also used to prevent anemia and eliminate fatigue. An active woman will want to have 100 percent of the daily recommended dosage of Folic Acid in her womens vitamins.

Womens vitamins also contain Vitamin B12, which is an energy booster. Vitamin B12 is also used to treat menopause and can also combat anemia. Again, 100 percent of the daily recommended dosage of vitamin B12 is the norm when it comes to multi womens vitamins.

Vitamin B5 is also usually included in multivitamins for women. This also converts fats and carbohydrates to energy and works well with Vitamin B6. An active woman may need less of this vitamin and may only get 50 percent of the daily recommended dosage in her multivitamin supplement.

Womens vitamins have many different benefits and all women should consider taking some sort of vitamin supplement. The type of womens vitamins you choose to take depends upon your age, lifestyle and other physical conditions. If you are unsure of which is the best womens vitamins to take, ask your doctor of pharmacist. If you have a medical condition, consult with your physician prior to beginning any vitamin regiment.

By: Mario Churchill

Womens Heart Health: The Scary Truth About Womens Heart Health

Womens heart health is a subject that should be on the tip of everyone's tongue, but for some reason not too many people seem to be talking about it. Unlike other womens issues that have people mobilized and raising awareness, when it comes to the heart there doesn't seem to be too many people championing the cause. It seems as though I can't drive anywhere without seeing a car with a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon magnet attached to it, but where are the magnets for heart problems.

You'd think that there would be tons of soccer moms concerned with womens heart health, especially given the fact that heart disease is the number one cause of death today for American women. I'm constantly hearing about how men die of heart attacks, but more women than men die every year in the United States of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, 23 percent of women over the age of 40 who have heart attacks die within a year. When you compare that to the 18 percent of their male counterparts, it's hard to understand why this isn't more of a women's issue. Where are all of the specials on Oprah? Where are the races for cures?

Even scarier, 64 percent of women who have heart attacks and die suddenly have had no previous symptoms. It's truly a silent killer, striking otherwise healthy people when they least expect it. Also, after the age of 40 the lifetime risk for cardiovascular disease is more than 50 percent in women. The worst part is that diagnostic tests and procedures that work well for men don't work as well in women. This is particularly true of ECG tests, which is also known as the exercise stress test. All in all, more people need to be aware of womens heart health.

By: Elizabeth R. Dean